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Wilkinson & Price Solicitors can help with your needs for your property and conveyancing services in Naas. We have over thirty years of experience in commercial, residential and leasing of properties. We have helped clients purchase holiday homes or property as an investment, assisted first-time buyers and advised homeowners looking to renovate requiring remortgaging. We have also helped business owners and individuals understand their rights as leasee's and their obligations are to their leasers and landlords.

If you would like to know more about the area of property and conveyancing or how Wilkinson & Price can help you, please contact a member of our legal team here.

Residential Property

Here are some of the stages in which we will help you purchase residential property:

  • Remortgaging a home

  • Reducing monthly payments with repay loans

  • Renovating and building extensions

  • Earning interest rate payments

  • Investment properties and holiday homes

  • Buying and Selling Property

  • Evaluating your budget, estimating the value of your equity and providing a quote of costs involved. Appointing a solicitor to deal with your residential property.

  • Our solicitors will analyse your bank/building society loan pack which includes mortgage rates and repayment term.

  • After we have checked the contracts, we will return duplicated signed contracts and building agreements with the contract deposit/stage payment to the seller's solicitor.

  • After the exchange of contracts, we will return the loan acceptance and accompanying documents to your bank/building society.

  • Our solicitors will raise requisitions on title and return them to the seller's solicitor with a draft purchase deed. We will then receive the "completion notice".

  • We will help you with your snag list, home insurance and life insurance if necessary.

  • We will move the sale as quick as possible so you can move into your new home when you want.

  • Once you sign the deed, we will sign the deed and mortgages and register the details with The Land Registry.

Commercial Property

Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Commercial leases, insurance, rates and stamp duty

  • Building control regulations

  • Commercial property on a full lease or dividing a property between different businesses.

  • The planning process, exercising a right to appeal to An Bord Pleanaala or further action through the courts of Ireland system.


Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Breaches of contract from a landlord or tenant

  • Unacceptable access by a landlord

  • Amount of deposit (typically one month rent)

  • Payments not included in rent (Electricity, telephone, heating)

  • The stipulated rental period

  • Full contact details of both landlord and tenant

  • How the rent will be paid

  • The tenant's duty to maintain the property

  • The landlord may only change rent price at the start of a new lease agreement.

For all queries relating to property and conveyancing, please contact us by phone or using our contact form.